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Total Mortgage Protection Announces Exclusive Marketing Program

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For Immediate Release

West Palm Beach, FL (September 5 2006) – Total Mortgage Protection announced today the formation of an exclusive referral marketing program directed at Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies, and the financial planning needs of their clients. The program called the Amplified Earnings System™ will offer a referral fee to Mortgage Brokers and Title Companies for referring Total Mortgage Protection and their products to new homeowners or clients refinancing an existing home.

"We are looking forward to this marketing relationship with Mortgage and Title companies across America. Total Mortgage Protection offers a wide selection of financial products that can meet the needs of individuals and family’s that want to protect their loved ones form unforeseen tragedies." Said Wayne Jenkins, President of Total Mortgage Protection. “I'm excited about the prospects of our new marketing alliances," he said.

Total Mortgage Protection offers Mortgage Life and Disability products. The new referral program will offer a unique business opportunity for Mortgage Brokers and Title companies to substantially increase their closing revenue with no change in their current workflow.

“Here at Total Mortgage Protection, we already work closely with many brokerages and title companies. Our program works so well because we require no sales activity from Mortgage Brokers or loan officers. Our program is fully RESPA compliant and approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services”. Said Lonnie Spears director of marketing at Total Mortgage Protection.

According to Total Mortgage Protection, their program can generate up to an additional $150 or more per closing as passive income. At settlement, just take thirty seconds to introduce “Total Mortgage Protection,” and have your client sign a simple permission form that they may contact them.

Earning Additional Income
Total Mortgage Protection will pay a stipulated amount per Verified Lead. The agent will contact the prospect and provide a general overview. If the agent sells a mortgage insurance policy, your organization receives an additional referral fee. It’s that easy!

The Client
Total Mortgage Protection will provide the new homeowner an opportunity to educate themselves and secure mortgage foreclosure protection. Their programs insure against death, disability, unemployment and critical illness. Total Mortgage Protection will present them with several options, and then they can pick the plan best suited to their needs. Total Mortgage Protection’s approach to your client is strictly low-key.

The Program
Total Mortgage Protection has a huge range of coverage options through their affiliated carriers who are among the top rated insurers in the industry. Homeowners will have an opportunity to acquire various levels of mortgage protection with fantastic rates and services that only

Total Mortgage Protection can provide.
For more information on how you can sign up for the Amplified Earnings System™ offered to Mortgage Brokers and Title Companies call__________

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