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Mortgage Protection Insurance is more than just a policy that pays off the balance of your mortgage if you or your spouse passes away. Mortgage Protection Insurance is a complete package of coverage designed to ensure that whatever happens to you, your family will be able to stay in your home.

Unlike private mortgage insurance (PMI), if you or your spouse dies, the policy pays the money directly to your family so it can be used to pay off your mortgage. With a Mortgage Insurance policy, if you are injured in an automobile accident or while working around the house, and are unable to work, your Mortgage Protection coverage will provide disability insurance benefits (if you qualify) that give you cash to ensure your mortgage payments continue to be paid. This gives you time to recuperate without the worry or fear of losing your home. Further, you may be eligible for unemployment coverage (if available in your state), so if you lose your job, your premiums will be paid for up to 6 months. This money comes right to you, not your mortgage company, so you have control of it. Mortgage Insurance policies are designed to help keep your family prepared in case tragedy strikes.

There is no doubt about it! Mortgage Life Insurance is better for you and your family than a simple term-life insurance policy. The “Waiver of Premium” lets you skip paying your insurance premium while you are disabled. This benefit gives you to receive money and save at the same time! But the best element available with Mortgage Insurance is the Return of Premium provision (if available in your state). If you do not need to use the policy, you are guaranteed to receive the premium you paid into the policy at the end of the term in one fantastic, tax-free lump sum! You can put that money into a retirement fund or spend it on you and your family because you deserve it!

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