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Your home is where financial security begins, and protecting it from the “unthinkable” is the first step to peace of mind. Total Mortgage Protection (TMP) can help…

You choose the amount of coverage you need and the term that comes closest to the length of your mortgage. In the event of death, the benefit is paid directly to beneficiaries you choose, not the mortgage company. Once the mortgage is paid off, any remaining funds may be used for other financial needs.

Generally, insurance rates are determined by the insurance companies and state regulatory commissions. At Total Mortgage Protection, we partner with premium insurers to give you the best rates and service possible. Total Mortgage Protection has a huge range of coverage options through top-rated affiliated carriers, who are the best insurers in the industry. We help secure your home and protect your family if you are unable to work due to critical illness, temporary disability, unemployment or death.

Our protection is not Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), which only benefits the bank holding your mortgage. Instead, TMP protects you and enables you to determine who receives the life insurance proceeds and lets them control how the money is disbursed.

Your mortgages or other liabilities can be released from your family’s obligation in the event of death or disability with mortgage protection. Full Coverage can fit into any budget. In fact, our mortgage protection plans offer 100% RETURN OF PREMIUM.

Mortgage Protection benefits to choose from are:

  • Unemployment,
  • Waiver of premium,
  • Spousal and child riders,
  • Critical illness indemnity, and
  • Inflation and refinancing adjustments in benefits.

Our honest, dedicated staff stays current with changes in the mortgage protection marketplace. We continually compare benefits within the mortgage protection industry, working with and securing only the most highly-rated mortgage protection carriers.

The mortgage insurance quote takes just a few minutes. It's that simple to start a plan that will protect you and your family for years to come. What are you waiting for? Get your quote NOW!

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*Medical exams are required for policies exceeding $400k. **Tobacco use may affect quoted Premium.
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